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All our previously loved sewing machines have been all serviced by our on-site Service Technician Stan Rimmer, who has over 40 yrs experience in domestic and industrial service They are sold as they came in as far as accessories and books. Some come with and some you will have to add them on yourself. I will not be listing everything with each machine on this site. So please pop into our shop or See Full Article

Baby Lock Quilting Sewing Machines

  • picture of the Baby Lock Crown Jewel III

    Baby Lock Crown Jewel III

    With an 18-inch throat space, the Crown Jewel III is the most popular size in longarm quilting machines and is ideal for quilters looking for more workspace and software.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Tiara III

    Baby Lock Tiara III

    As the first home sewing company to bring you longarm quilting, Baby Lock is proud to introduce the Tiara III.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Crescendo

    Baby Lock Crescendo

    The Crescendo deluxe sewing and quilting machine is sure to make your next composition a masterpiece. Innovative features powered by Baby Lock IQ TechnologyTM add to a luxurious sewing and quilting experience.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Aria

    Baby Lock Aria

    When it comes time to set the stage for quilting success, I use the Baby Lock Aria quilting machine. The Baby Lock Aria is packed with features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology. That means you'll enjoy quick auto-adjustments and a hassle-free sewing experience.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Soprano

    Baby Lock Soprano

    The Advanced Pivoting Feature is another handy tool. It makes it easy to turn corners and curves that don't always follow the rules in my modern quilt patterns.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Lyric

    Baby Lock Lyric

    The Lyric makes it easy to achieve a precise 1/4 inch stitch, and the variety of stitches helps me customize my quilt down to the last detail.

  • picture of the Jazz


    If you're looking for a machine that is Big on Performance and Easy on Price, the new Baby Lock Jazz gives you both. With a 12" workspace and 1,000 stitches per minute

  • picture of the Baby Lock Jane

    Baby Lock Jane

    Sensible and straight-forward Jane is a straight stitch machine with a speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. She is entrepreneurial and business-minded to help you achieve your goals. And with the extension table and Precision Feed System, you can create to your project's needs.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Katherine

    Baby Lock Katherine

    Katherine is a multi-talented sewing machine with features fit for all types of projects. She has 190 built-in stitches, numerous included snap-on feet and a free-arm. She can handle anything from home decor to accessories and garments.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Sashiko 2

    Baby Lock Sashiko 2

    Create the look of traditional, hand-work stitching passed down through generations on the Sashiko Machine. Replicate this distinctive and celebrated stitch and add a hand-stitched touch to any project with a machine that is truly the first of its kind.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Presto 2

    Baby Lock Presto 2

    Start your next project and watch it get finished in no time at all. The Presto II features 100 built-in stitches and a bright LCD touchscreen that allows you to select and adjust stitches note by note.

  • picture of the Baby Lock Presto

    Baby Lock Presto

    Quick paced for speedy sewing, the new Baby Lock Presto quilting and sewing machine offers 100 built-in stitches and a bright LCD screen