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Baby Lock Accessories - Embroidery Software Page 2

  • picture of HoopWorks<sup>TM</sup>

    HoopWorksTM (hwoorks)

    Automatic Embroidery Design Splitting Tool Easily split any large embroidery design to sew out beautifully in a multi-position hoop. Whatever your creative project, however large the design you choose, with HoopWorks you can attain professional results every time.

  • picture of Playtime Applique<sup>TM</sup>

    Playtime AppliqueTM (pltappl)

    Playtime Applique from Designer's Gallery Embroidery Software is an applique design collection that's as enjoyable to create as it is to look at. Pick and choose from posable animals, rotating block letters, and a toy box full of other applique designs. Then change the size, pose, stitches, text, and more - or add designs from other Interactive collections.

  • picture of QuiltWorks<sup>TM</sup>II

    QuiltWorksTMII (qworks)

    Perfect quilting motifs can be embroidered flawlessly using QuiltWorks II. Create open motifs in traditional styles and techniques using clip art, scanned images, photography or current designs. QuiltWorks software has been designed to stand alone or work seamlessly with other Designer's Gallery Software products. QuiltWorks gives you the power to create open motif quilting designs, redwork, applique and more from clip art, scanned images, photography or existing embroidery designs. Automatic stippling allows you to quickly add this stitch to any design or applique. Advanced editing tools allow you to add a personal touch or create your own designs.

  • picture of Sashiko Embroidery Collection

    Sashiko Embroidery Collection (sec)

    Give your embroidery the unique, hand-stitched look of Sashiko with the new Sashiko Embroidery collection from the Interactive Embroidery Series. This unique design collection allows you to create an endless amount of traditional Sashiko designs, frames, borders and more - all with an exclusive Sashiko stitch that perfectly recreates the hand-stitched look of traditional Sashiko embroidery.

  • picture of Simply Trims<sup>TM</sup>

    Simply TrimsTM (simtrim)

    Add some extra flair to all of your projects. Simply Trims from Designer's Gallery Embroidery Software is incredibly easy to use, and allows you to create specialty trims with an endless variety of options. With Simply Trims, you can easily adjust the trim height, width, spacing, and stitching to add a personalized touch to any project you desire. There's even a fringe-style alphabet to give a customized look to all of your sweaters, scarves, purses, home decor and more.

  • picture of SizeWorks<sup>TM</sup>

    SizeWorksTM (sworks)

    Automatic Embroidery Sizing Tool Increase or decrease the size of any embroidery design to the exact size you want quickly and easily. Not only can you automatically re-size to fit into a chosen hoop size, but you can rotate and mirror image while automatically recalculating stitch counts and retaining original fill patterns. SizeWorks gives you the freedom to use virtually any design on any creative project.

  • picture of Studio<sup>TM</sup>III

    StudioTMIII (studio3)

    Studio III from Designer's Gallery is the essential software for embroiderers to manage their embroidery designs. No matter how large your collection grows, this advanced design management software allows you to quickly catalog designs and instantly find them later. Plus, control the color of your designs with color sorting, thread conversion and more.

  • picture of StudioPlus<sup>TM</sup>

    StudioPlusTM (splus)

    Spend more time embroidering instead of hunting for design by easily organizing your entire design library. This complete design management platform allows you to quickly catalog designs and instantly find them later. It is a must have embroidery software program for every embroiderer.