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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Kwik Sew Patterns Now Available!

Findlay's Vacuum and Sewing in Orchard Plaza is the new Kelowna distributor for Kwik Sew patterns! Go to Kwik Sew for your choice in patterns and Contact us to place your order.

Previously Loved Sewing Machines

Check out what we currently have!

All our previously loved sewing machines have been all serviced by our on-site Service Technician Stan Rimmer, who has over 40 yrs experience in domestic and industrial service They are sold as they came in as far as accessories and books. Some come with and some you will have to add them on yourself. I will not be listing everything with each machine on this site. So please pop into our shop or See Full Article

Notions - Needles

If you are interested in any needles click on the part number to send an email

  • Universal Needles

    The all purpose sewing machine needles for woven and knitted fabric.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90070C5 Needles Same Size60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
    90080C5 Needles Assorted1-#70, 2-#80, 2-#90
    90090C10 Needles Assorted2-#70, 3-#80, 3-#90, 2-#100
    90152C10 Needles Same Size60, 70, 80, 90, 100
  • Leather Needles

    For leather and heavy artificial leather.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90100C5 Needles Same Size70, 80, 90, 100, 110
    90106CAssorted2-#80, 2-#90, 1-#100
  • Ballpoint Needles

    For knitted fabric and elastic material such as lycra.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90110C5 Needles Same Size70, 80, 90, 100
    90116C5 Needles Assorted2-#70, 2-#80, 1-#90
  • Stretch Needles

    For highly elastic knits and synthetic suedes. Stretch needles prevent skipped stitches.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90120C5 Needles Same Size75, 90
  • Denim Needles

    Sharp needles for densely woven, hard-finished weaves (denim, canvas).

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90130C5 Needles Same Size70, 80, 90, 100, 110
    90133C5 Needles Assorted2-#90, 2-#100, 1-#110
  • Microtex Sharp Needles

    For silk and microfibre fabrics. The sharp point makes this needle ideal for topstitching and edgestitching.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90280C5 Needles Same Size60, 70, 80, 90
  • Quilting Needles

    For quilting and patchwork. The special taper to this needle's point prevents damage to sensitive fabrics.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90287C5 Needles Assorted3-#75, 2-#90
  • Embroidery Needles

    For machine embroidery, especially with metallic and decorative threads. The special scarf and large eye of this needle prevent shredding and breaking of decorative threads.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90294C5 Needles Assorted3-#75, 2-#90
  • Handicap Needles

    A slit in the handicap needle's eye allows for easier threading.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90299C5 Needles Same Size80, 90
  • Topstitch Needles

    This needle is extra sharp and has an extra large eye to accomodate topstitching thread.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90153C5 Needles Same Size80, 90, 100
  • Metallica Needles

    For trouble-free sewing with metallic threads. A large eye and groove prevent shredding.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90292C5 Needles Same Size80
  • Wing Hemstitch Needles

    For decorative, openwork stitching on woven fabric.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90170C1 Needle Per Package100, 120
  • Double Wing Hemstitch Needles

    Double needle with one wing needle and one regular needle. For decorative, openwork effects on woven fabric.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90180C1 Needle Per Package100
  • Twin Needles

    For producing tucks and for doubling the beauty of decorative stitches. May be used with one or two colours of thread. The space between the two needles for each size is given in millimetres after the slash/.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90182C1 Needle Per Package70/1.6, 80/1.6, 80/2.0, 80/2.5, 80/4.0, 90/3.0, 100/4.0
    91003C1 Needle Per Package100/6.0
  • Twin Stretch Needles

    Twin needle with stretch point for sewing knits or elasticized fabrics.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90183C1 Needle Per Package75/2.5, 75/4.0
  • Twin Denim Needles

    Twin needles with a sharp point for decorative stitching on densely woven fabrics.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90190C1 Needle Per Package100/4.0
  • Twin Embroidery Needles

    Twin needles with a special scarf and extra large eye for using decorative threads in embroidery work.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90196C1 Needle Per Package75/2.0, 75/3.0
  • Metallica Twin Needles

    For twin needle sewing with metallic threads.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90320C1 Needle Per Package80/2.5
  • Triple Needles

    For tripling the beauty of decorative sewing.

    Part NumberPack UpSizes
    90160C1 Needle Per Package80/2.5, 80/3.0