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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Previously Loved Sewing Machines

Check out what we currently have!

All our previously loved sewing machines have been all serviced by our on-site Service Technician Stan Rimmer, who has over 40 yrs experience in domestic and industrial service They are sold as they came in as far as accessories and books. Some come with and some you will have to add them on yourself. I will not be listing everything with each machine on this site. So please pop into our shop or See Full Article

Pre-Cuts: Charm Packs

We carry an ever changing selection of charm packs by Moda.

A Charm Pack is a collection of pre-cut coordinating 5 1/2-inch squares of an entire collection of fabric by the same designer. Usually, these packs have 25 to 50 different pieces in the bundle.

They are convenient, and the perfect size for smaller projects. Although, larger projects are easily accomplished by using multiple charm packages. Being pre-cut also means that some of the prep work has already been done - mainly the measuring and cutting of fabric. They're also all the exact same size. This means, better uniformity in projects.

They come in a wide variety of wonderful prints, from babies to floral. They come in cottons and flannels. They are great for quilts, totes, place mats, table runners, Christmas stockings...

They usually cost between $8 - $15 Canadian, it all depends on how many charms are in the pack and the designer.

There are a lot of great books available, designed specifically to work with charm packs. Check out our book section for a taste of some of what we carry or drop in to our store to view the full selection. It literally changes week to week.

The picture bellow is an example only.